Bora Professional makes the kitchen exclusive



Bora presents a new innovative and sophisticated solution for the kitchen. Its name is Bora Professional and is a closed modular cooking system with six elements, electric hob and smart control: a machine consisting of hob, extractor fan, motor, channel (BORA Ecotube), filter and wall passing. (Bora 3box). The fumes extractor system and the stove communicate with each other to ensure the best effectiveness. Controls are user-friendly and very comfortable: the temperature is displayed on the knob from which it can be adjusted with a combination of touch controls and rolling. Knobs also control other functional programs and the fumes suction. The cooking surface is very big and very easy to clean, thanks to larger opening of the suction system and to elements easy to remove. Bora Professional, distributed in Italy by Frigo2000, is characterized by a very elegant design. It will be available from next May.