Personal care is growing in India



Research & Markets realized a report about sales of personal care appliances in India, that is now a very interesting area for this sector. Entitled “India Personal Care Appliances Market Outlook 2021”, this document is focused on four major segments: hair care appliances, hair removal appliances, oral care appliances and other personal care appliances. India is the second most populous country with 1.34 billion people, just after China, but with 356 million 10-24 year-olds, it has the world’s largest youth population, the most interesting consumers in these kinds of products. This is why demand is growing in recent years. As specified on the report: «The key dynamics impelling the demand for personal care appliances are growing standard of living, increasing disposable income of youngsters, and more importantly high emphasis on personal appearance and desire to look unique.» From 2010 to 2015, Indian personal care appliances market has registered the CAGR of about 24.88%. The biggest contribution is that of hair care appliances segment: youngsters from metro-urban areas are the key end user of the various hair care and hair removal appliances in India. It is also important to underline that modern retail chain and e-commerce portals are rapidly gaining popularity, and are expected to be a largest selling channel for this sector. According to the report, Philips and Panasonic are the prominent players in this industry, while Conair, Braun and Wahl are imported personal care appliances brands in India. But also domestic brands such as Nova or Vega, are active operators.