GfK tells the out-of-box experience



Its name could sound strange, but it is nothing new: the “out-of-box experience” is everything happens immediately after a consumer opens the product packaging. According to GfK experts, all the operations following the pack opening are really crucial to satisfy the customer and create a good relationship with him in the future. As it is written in a GfK release, neither the product life cycle, nor the customer journey, ends at purchase. On the contrary, it is at this point that things get very interesting. It’s time to examine the quality of the user experience (UX) you have provided for your customers; it’s time to think “out-of-the-box.” Concretely, these mix of operations includes: the unboxing, the product setup, and the initial use of the product itself. Creating a positive experience during unboxing involves attention to the package design, product look and feel, and the anticipation surrounding product use. This first experience is crucial toward fostering the desired attitudes and emotions indicative of product success.