Japan: demand for large capacity washing machines increased


Giappone[1]According to GfK Temax, Japanese market of Technical Consumer Goods saw an interesting growth in the sales of major domestic appliances, that in 2014 increased by 10,3%, despite a drop of 11,2% in the fourth quarter. Both refrigerators and washing machines showed negative growth. In previous quarters, sales had been inflated as consumers were keen to purchase prior to the Japanese government’s announcement (in October 2013) that an increase in the consumption tax rate would take effect in April 2014 as scheduled.
Although the overall washing machines market decreased, it was a very good period for large capacity segment (10kg and over). Consumers, in fact, preferred 10.0-10.9kg capacity models. This trend was partly aided by the fact that 50% more models of washing machines were available in the market in 2014 than in 2013.