FULGOR MILANO presents Supreme 1000


Supreme 1000 is a built-in outdoor barbecue, made entirely of stainless steel AISI 316. It is proposed by Fulgor Milano, historical brand of the Italian company Meneghetti.
The product allows cooking food in a natural way and without condiments. It has been designed for answering the most common and practical consumers’ needs and it ensures robustness for its outdoor durability. Besides it is easy to clean and allows very good cooking performance.

Supreme 1000 is supplied with gas (natural or liquid) with 4 burners of great power, and has no electrical connection, in fact, the power is supplied by a buffer battery of long duration.
It is proposed with a flat plate of stainless steel fry-top and two grids, in stainless steel, on completion of the cooking surface.
It can match: a slim lid of simple cover of the hob, or a high cover (roasting lid) that with its size allows to use the barbecue for cooking foods such as roasts and more as if it were an oven.