Using big data LG offers a more and more efficient customer experience


Via its rich ecosystem of products, and with the consent of its customers LG Electronics is actively collecting and organizing data throughout the entire customer journey. Based on the analysis of this data, the company is developing various services and features to further improve the customer experience.

By utilizing ‘big data,’ LG is showing how digital transformation (DX) can simultaneously enhance business competitiveness and bring greater value to consumers. LG is applying DX technology to several key areas of its operations, such as product development, manufacturing and sales.

Among the most interesting application of big data, we can mention the customer service. ITo help avoid any major breakdowns, and the hassle that invariably comes along with them, LG Electronics developed a technology that preemptively checks for any potential issues and takes action in advance if any is required. The collection and analysis of home appliance data makes it possible to identify if a product has been incorrectly installed or is being improperly used, flagging the problem before any actual damage is done.

LG is expanding this preventive maintenance technology, which is being used throughout its home appliance lineups, by incorporating data-based AI care services. One such service enables the company’s washing machines to notify users when the drum needs cleaning due to laundry contamination or inform them if there is a risk of pipes freezing or bursting due to cold ambient temperatures. LG’s AI customer care features can be easily managed using the LG ThinQ app.