Home appliances role in saving energy


Representing the European home appliances industry, APPLiA Europe underlines the key role of this sector in the global mission of saving energy and limiting global warming. «Ramping up energy efficiency is the most simple and obvious answer to achieve net-zero and limit global warming – said APPLiA President and Arcelik CEO Hakan Bulgurlu addressing General Assembly representatives at the yearly industry gathering in Istanbul –. More efficient and lower energy demand supports faster progress towards universal access to modern and affordable energy in emerging and developing economies».

According to the Association, consumers today are becoming more aware of the impact of their actions on the environment. With global warming, demand for appliances is increasing everyday. Heat pump sales increased by nearly 40% in Europe, in 2022. By 2050, it is predicted there will be 14 billion cooling appliances, globally. It is still unclear how to cope with such energy demand.

«The overall effect of energy efficiency in the world could offset almost entirely the growth in appliance ownership and penetration – explained APPLiA Director General Paolo Falcioni –. Over the past 20 years, the energy consumption of home appliances has dropped by 50%. On average, a fridge today consumes 1/4 of previous energy levels. Great advances were also made in water consumption patterns. A dishwasher uses 1/10 of the water needed to wash tableware by hand. These are only two examples highlighting the potential for home appliances to truly reshape the way we view sustainability today».