Infinity, a modern kitchen by Stosa Cucine


Infinity is a kitchen of the Stosa Cucine moder collection. It is a model characterized by a linear design offering endless creative possibilities, thanks to a wide range of colours and finishes. It allows to create different styles, ranging from Scandinavian to more brightly coloured, metropolitan looks, combining wood finishes with hi-tech solutions such as Fenix and eco-friendly ones such as PET.

Infinity is designed using the Look System and allows the alternation of dark and light elements, combinations of colour and wood, changes in volume and the careful use of solid and open spaces. The technical elements are perfectly integrated in this kitchen of infinite design options.

Different materials are availbale, such as textured laminate (22 mm thick particleboard door with HPL laminate facing on both sides. Matching ABS edgeband on all 4 edges applied with polyurethane adhesive); thermo-structured (22 mm thick particleboard door, with thermo-structured facing inside and outside, or with smooth inside facing. Matching polymer edgeband on all 4 edges); Fenix® (22 mm thick particleboard door with outside face in 0.9 mm inside face in matching 0.9 mm laminate. Matching polymer edgeband on all 4 edges).