The new features of Samsung Family Hub refrigerator


In 2023, Samsung Family Hub™ came back in a new shape and form, known as the Plus. The larger 32-inch display and the wide array of features were jam-packed with designers’ thoughtful and innovative ideas. The Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with Family Hub™+ truly unveils new lifestyles that directly impact us in bigger and more ways.

Bigger screens mean greater attention to detail. For instance, the 32-inch display needed to be accessible to both children and wheelchair users, so the bottom portion of the display was positioned to be mindful of these users’ needs. The top of the display was raised, but the Accessible Screen feature lets users tap the home button twice to bring down the top portion of the screen. The panel surrounding the screen was carefully fitted to make sure the details on the edges were smooth. The mic at the bottom was also moved upwards so that every detail we need to see — or what we don’t — is precisely designed into the form.

Moreover, a wide variety of panel materials are available to choose from, allowing users to design a refrigerator that feels best to their touch. The satin glass is velvety in texture, offering both comfort and glow, while the glam glass brightens any environment with its high gloss surface. Metal embodies Millennial sentiments through a subtle, monotone finish. Panels are easily interchangeable so that a single refrigerator base can support a wide range of styles.