Beautiful, but not only


Hi-tech solutions and exclusive designs make Made in Italy hoods products that embellish the kitchen environment and, at the same time, perfectly integrate themselves into the furnishing project. Far from being merely functional appliances, these devices go beyond the boundaries of traditional suction, becoming central elements of the architecture of every kitchen thanks to the many available variants. Furthermore, increasingly advanced technologies eliminate vapors and bad odours, guaranteeing high quality domestic air.

Unprecedented synergies
The meeting between Falmec and Magneto Lab, an Umbrian company specialized in the creation of innovative back panels for kitchens, gave life to Air Wall, an original solution that is part of the Falmec Elements collection. This product vertically integrates the extraction into a backlit white tempered glass panel, transforming the back of the kitchen into a functional surface, which draws fumes and at the same time illuminates the space. The panel magnetic system allows to add accessories, which are also magnetic (such as tablet stands, spice racks and shelves), which the user can place anywhere on the surface. Suction is possible through a flap, which can be opened manually, allowing the extraction of fumes and access to the hood controls. Finally, the motor, positioned in the base of the kitchen, has been designed to guarantee limited dimensions and high efficiency.
Equipped downdraft system
Hood becomes a piece of furniture, enriched with accessories, as in the Copernico model by Fim-airworks, a brand of Sil Fim company. It is a large retractable modular system which, in addition to the integrated hood, can be equipped with shelves and object holders according to the user's preferences. Copernico features electronic controls and the suction can be adjusted on 3 speeds, to which the intensive mode is added. The hood, available in extractor/filtering version (optional), is also equipped with a timer which allows to temporarily extend extraction after cooking is finished to eliminate residual odours, then automatically switching off the appliance. Further peculiarities of the product are the remote control, the automatic warning to carry out the filters maintenance, the dimmable LED lighting.
Pure air and refined design
Arrow by Sirius combines an extractor hood and an air purification system equipped with a sensor in a single device. The appliance can be installed with the fumes outlet outside the home, but once cooking is finished, or if the air quality detected is degraded, it can be transformed into a purifier using the appropriate button present in the touch control, reintroducing filtered and purified air into the domestic environment. The Sirius Air Management System (S.A.M.S.) in fact constantly monitors the state of the air in the kitchen, signaling the degree of impurity. Arrow also features dimmable LED lighting and dynamic light, and features touch control commands, 4 speeds, timer and an elegant design.
Arrow hood by Sirius.
The shelf-hood sucks and furnishes
Galvamet Hub 120 with shelf.

Available in the version composed of the hood element (120 cm) and the shelf element (60 cm), Hub 120 by Galvamet combines the effectiveness of Plasma technology (which guarantees the elimination of 95% of odors) and a contemporary style. It ensures a high suction capacity (650 m3/h) and can be activated on 3 speeds + Booster thanks to the touch screen and remote control. Furthermore, the hood is developed on two levels illuminated with dynamic LEDs and has an adjustable delayed Auto-off function. Finally, an automatic alert notifies the user when it is necessary to clean the metal grease filter.