The new versions of the OLA kitchen by Snaidero


The OLA kitchen is a a true work of art carved in wood by the hands of skilled Snaidero craftsmen. The model is able to interpret even the most current trends, which find vivid expression in soft volumes and curved profiles. An exclusive proposal which, for 2023, can be further customized thanks to the introduction of new materials and finishes.

After OLA 20, the limited edition OLA 25, the expansion in 2021 of the materials and coverings available, in 2023 OLA is remaking its look again. The re-edition remains faithful in terms of design but introduces some innovations allowing for a further level of customization. The work focused on expanding the range of materials, first of all wood: the furniture, even those with curved doors, will be available in a selection of new and exclusive wood essences for this model, both in terms of selection and treatment of the veneer surface.

The kitchen will be customizable in various colors and it will be possible to play even further in the choice of the element that characterizes it and communicates the craftsmanship of the company: the leg-sculpture, made of wood, carbon fiber and glass resin, can be combined with the doors or represent a breaking element, choosing contrasting materials and finishes. Also new is the lighting system inserted under the top, which illuminates the leg giving it even more value, and the LED positioned on the back of the kitchen.