Versatility and performance in the Falmec’s Cover extractor


The Cover extractor is a Falmec suction solution for wall installation, recently presented on the market. The front opening hood with its 85 cm width – is available with an exclusive clay finish like the warm earthy shades of the terracotta and sand versions, or with the more colourful tones, like in the stone and ardesia variants. The ardesia clay variant can also double up as a blackboard for both solid and liquid chalks.

The extreme versatility of the clay texture and the resin elements facilitate their application on the surface of the panel, thanks to a manual spatula coating treatment that creates a natural aesthetic effect and a pleasant touch appeal. This sophisticated clay covering, ideally suited for the kitchen, has been specifically treated to make it more durable and resistant to heat and scratches incurred as a result of the daily and intensive use of the hood. Cleaning the surface is also really easy and requires just the use of awet cloth. For those with more traditional taste, Cover is available in the classic versions of white and black glass too.

In terms of its functional aspects, the Cover cooker hood features an ultra-slim, powerful motor of 600 m3/h, simultaneously guaranteeing high level performance with a compact design. The hood is equipped with an electronic control – visible via the frontal opening – that allows the user to fix the extraction speed; an anti-grease metallic filter is included as well. A special natural Carbon.Zeo filter that combines the benefits of charcoal and zeolite can be added as an optional extra to ensure the maximum absorption capacity for odours and vapours. Cover also features the Dynamic LED Light function, which allows the user to vary and adapt the tone of the light according to preferences and needs.