AirO ‘Free, the wall mounted version of the Baraldi air purifier line


AirO ‘Free is an air purifier proposed by Baraldi. It is one of the most recent version of this appliance, equipped with the cold plasma technology, that allows to clean, purify and make the quality of the air in the home much better. This system can be applied in hoods, in the hob with integrated hood or in a free-standing appliance. A newly designed, compact, silent, low consumption (4W) generator is activated by creating negative ions in large quantities.

The plasma generated in contact with the air through a chemical-physical reaction breaks down different types of polluting molecules including viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi. Moreover, odors are completely neutralized. The system can operate continuously in an imperceptible way making the air breathed better over time.

The benefit is guaranteed and long-lasting as no maintenance is required. The AirO ‘Free wall mounted air purifier is designed to eliminate airborne pathogens, including various types of viruses and bacteria. It is equipped with double plasma generator and 4 ventilation motors. It can be installed on the wall and ceiling according to needs and can be connected with a wall switch (not supplied).