Daikin Fusion 25 plan explained in the Integrated Report 2021


Daikin announced this year represents the start of its strategic management plan “Fusion 25“. This is a project establishing the year 2025 as the fiscal year for achieving “Fusion 25” targets. To further enhance the content of its annual report, the company published Integrated Report 2021 for the first time to convey the company’s basic approach for sustainable growth and development from both a financial and non-financial perspective.

Together with reviewing and organizing the initiatives and results of the “Fusion” plan to date, this report describes Daikin’s efforts to solve social issues through its business model while aiming for sustainable growth. Moreover, the report attempts to communicate the specific measures that are to be taken toward realization of the new strategies, key themes, and goals outlined in “Fusion 25.”

The report reports a summary of activities and results achieved by Daikin which has been formulated and implemented every five years for the past 20 years, and presents the company transition to growth by steady execution and achievement of goals. In light of changes in the external environment, Daikin has identified risks and opportunities relating to important social issues that could affect the medium-to long-term value creation of the Daikin Group.