The controlling interest of Elica Pb India sold to Whirlpool India


Elica, Italian manufacturer of kitchen range hoods, announced the completion, following the fulfilment of certain bureaucratic formalities, of the transaction for the sale of the controlling interest held in Elica PB India Private Ltd., announced on September 27, 2021. Elica therefore sold to Whirlpool of India Ltd. approx 19% of the share capital of the Indian subsidiary Elica PB India Private Ltd., together with the other Indian minority shareholders disposing of an additional approx. 19%.

Following the sale, Whirlpool of India holds approx. 87% of Elica PB India Private, while Elica and the group of other Indian minority shareholders retain a holding in the Indian company with a stake of approx. 6% each. Simultaneous to the purchase of the shareholding by Whirlpool of India, Elica PB India Private Ltd. signed new product supply and license agreements for the use of the Elica brand (Trademark & Technical License Agreement) and the Whirlpool brand (Trademark License Agreement) respectively in India.

Elica S.p.A., Whirlpool of India Limited and the other Indian shareholders also signed a shareholder agreement which stipulates, among other matters, a prohibition on the sale to third parties of their respective investments in Elica PB India Private Ltd within 90 days from the approval of the financial statements of Elica PB India Private Ltd for the year ending March 31, 2024.