Haier presented its Milan Experience Design Center


Haier’s Milan Experience Design Center (Med) made its debut and presented itself to the general public during the Milan Design Week 2021. Created in late 2020 with the aim of extending and integrating the traditional product-centric approach to design that leverages connectivity, data and consumer information to continuously improve the user experience and create home ecosystems, Med is a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, which ranges from design research and strategy to industrial design through interaction design. Federico Ferretti, a designer with over 20 years of experience in large multinationals and leading consulting firms for design innovation, was chosen to lead the team.

Med is already working closely and in total synchrony with the Haier Europe Brand & IoT Team, led by Gianpiero Morbello, in a cross-functional effort to shorten the distance with users and to offer consumers innovative and revolutionary experiences starting with products from Haier, Candy and Hoover.

During the Milan Design Week 2021 Med presented Delight, a new concept of oven and induction hob-hood capable to exemplify the fusion of technological sophistication and aesthetics and to make tangible how lights and movements will increasingly become an essential part of the dialogue between user and product and the founding element of Haier’s design.

«For Med, every single product is a service waiting to happen and a brand promise to keep – underlines Federico Ferretti -. Our goal, and the reason why we were born, is to evolve the concept of ‘designing for’ towards ‘designing with‘ and designing and facilitating the entire relationship with the consumer who becomes co-author of our ecosystems of products and services. A shared and inclusive process, which starting from the understanding of consumers, their dreams and needs, passing through tests, development and prototyping, up to the dialogue with the marketing and R&D of the business units, has the objective and ambition to accompany the Group in the transformation from the design of physical products to the design of analog and digital brand experiences.»