Miele presents the new release of Miele Skill app for Alexa


Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Miele domestic appliances communicate since 2017, but the latest update of the Miele Skill makes voice control even more convenient. The Miele Skill is a voice-controlled and cloud-based application for the Alexa voice assistant. Unlike a smartphone app, a Skill is not installed, but simply activated and controlled by voice command. The new release (version 2.3), which will be automatically offered to all Miele users, also simplifies the addressing of appliances. Instead of “Alexa, tell Miele to turn off the oven”, the intuitive “Alexa, turn off the oven” will be enough. This is particularly useful for recurring functions such as start and stop and for simple settings. If users want more detailed information, they need to ask more pointed questions: “Alexa, ask Miele how moisture plus works”. The repertoire is now huge and ranges from tips on stain removal to step-by-step accompaniment of recipes from the Miele app with Alexa Show. Almost all of Miele’s networked domestic appliances can be controlled by voice. This includes the latest laundry care products and ranges from the Generation 7000 built-in appliances to the robovac. With the new release, Miele now offers voice control via Alexa in a total of 13 countries in the corresponding languages; new additions include the USA, Canada and Mexico.