Electrolux invites youth and change-makers to think about future sustainable homes

Jonas Samuelson, ceo of Electrolux

Electrolux published an open letter to today’s youth, inviting them to join forces with the company and the most influential change-makers to explore solutions for future sustainable homes. The aim is to learn more about young people’s hopes, dreams and concerns, to be able to provide solutions responding their needs. The company targets for 2030 are based on a more sustainable living around the world, involving young minds from across the globe aiming to drive positive change, and leading change-makers and experts already making a difference today.

«We want to listen to those who will be starting up their own homes in the near future – explaines Jonas Samuelson, ceo of Electrolux -. What are their hopes and dreams when they think about their lives ten years from now? Their desires, choices and behaviors will play a critical role in shaping the evolution of better living. We want those who own the future to be part of defining it. Therefore, we take the opportunity to ask now – to be able to provide solutions tailored to their needs, come 2030».

As part of the same initiative, Electrolux will conduct a global survey in which almost 14.000 young people between the ages 15 to 20 will be asked about how they envision their future sustainable homes. Insights from the survey and the sessions with the change-makers will be used by Electrolux in its strive to create new innovations for a better living.