Miele grows despite the Covid crisis

The Executive Board of the Miele Group (left to right): Dr. Stefan Breit (Technology), Dr. Markus Miele (Executive Director and Co-Proprietor), Olaf Bartsch (Finances and Administration), Dr. Reinhard Zinkann (Executive Director and Co-Proprietor) and Dr. Axel Kniehl (Marketing and Sales).

In the 2020 fiscal year, the Miele Group achieved sales of 4.5 billion euro, with a growth of 6.5% compared with 2019. «This has even greater relevance – the Executive Board explains – in view of the fact that Miele was also massively hit by the turmoil caused by the current pandemic during the past year. Thanks to our strong brand, a high-quality product range and the persistent expansion of digital marketing activities, Miele has nevertheless succeeded in surpassing the previous year’s turnover by a considerable margin. We will continue to stay our course and, indeed, strengthen it.» Strong growth was reported above all in Germany, central Europe and in China and, amongst individual categories, vacuum cleaners and refrigeration products experienced the greatest growth rates. As per December 31, 2020, Miele employed a staff of 20,944 worldwide. This equates to an increase of 466 year-on-year. Tcompany experienced a big dip between March and May, followed by strong demand during the summer and an outstanding second half of the year. «An exceptional economic situation on the domestic appliance front generated a strong tailwind: Consumers had to – and still must – stay at home much more, and instead of spending money on travel and restaurants, they are investing in their own four walls.» Looking at the geographical trend, Miele’s turnover in Germany reached 1.33 billion euro, with an increase of 8.8%, accounting for 29.5% of overall turnover. Strong growth was also reported by the Benelux countries, France, Austria and Switzerland, all European neighbours with high-level turnover – but also by countries in eastern Europe and, particularly, by China. In other big markets, the previous year’s levels of business were roughly held, for example, in the USA and Great Britain, despite the alarming spread of Covid-19.
With respect to unit sales, the floor care sector – where the cordless Triflex HX1 stick vacuum cleaner, launched with great success at the end of 2019, and high-end classic canister models had great impact – is worthy of special mention. On the refrigerator and freezer front, the situation was shaped by an increased demand for longer-term and more reliable food storage due to Corona. In the kitchen, Miele is furthermore profiting from the excellent performance and the smart features of the current Generation 7000 range of built-in appliances and G 7000 dishwashers. Further market growth came from Miele’s upgraded laundry care portfolio.