Gifam: despite the pandemic, the French market of home appliances grew during 2020


Despite the critical situation due to Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020 the French market of householed appliances recorded a positive performance, as revealed by Gifam, the French association of home appliances. According to its data, the sector reached a value of 9.1 billion euro, marking a total growth of 5%. Small Domestic Appliances (SDA), in particular, have been protagonist of a significant demand with 56.4 millions of sold products (+4.9% compared to 2019) and a revenue of 3.7 billion euro (+11.2%). This trend has been driven by the new need and wish of “do it yourself” and “home made”, as well as personal gratification. 
Regarding Major Domestic Appliances (MDA), during 2020 Gifam recorded 15.6 millions of devices sold in the French market with a value of 5.3 billions euro (+1.1% vs 2019). Cooling was the most performant segment (+4.7%), with a double digit growth of freezers (+18%). Washing also saw a good trend, with a total value growth by 2%. Wahing machines marked an increase of 2.8%, while dishwasher sales grew by 4.2%.
«Despite a year marked by an unprecedented crisis, involving in particular the closing of shops – commented Brigitte Petit, president of Gifam – the household appliances sector succeeded in making the most of the situation, showing once again to be the daily reference for consumers. The circumstances have modified and accentuated some trends and consumers’ habits, obliged to spend much time at home. The house comfort became so very important: at the end of the first lockdown one consumer over two, expressed the intention to improve the equipment and comfort of his/her house. So our sector – with the thousands of innovative products it includes – managed to meet the new expectations and concerns of French people»