Stiftung Warentest assigned a good rating for Miele’s vacuum cleaners

Miele C3 Red EcoLine

Two appliances from Miele obtained a very good rating in the recent vacuum cleaner test conducted by the German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest. In these tests seven models with a dustbag were pitted against seven bagless models and the results have been published in the 02/2021 edition of the ‘test’ magazine. C3 EcoLine obtained an overall mark of ‘Good’ (2.0), in the group of dustbag models. With its wattage of 550 W, this vacuum cleaner convinced jurors, achieving a ‘Good’ or ‘Very good’ for suction performance on carpeting, hard floors and in picking up coarse dirt. The same applies to thread pickup from carpets and upholstery. In the ‘Hazardous substances’, ‘Safety’ and ‘Durability’ categories, this model achieved top marks across the board. With a ‘Very good’ for electricity consumption, a 12 m operating radius and a good to very good rating for sound emissions, the Miele vacuum cleaner is an environmentally friendly model, equipped with the Silence System comprising an encapsulated motor and a sound-optimised floorhead. In the test comparing canister vacuum cleaners without a dustbag, the previous year’s winner, the Miele Blizzard CX1 Efficiency EcoLine, was included in the comparison – achieving the same ‘Good’ mark (2.2) as the first time round. In the core disciplines of cleaning carpets, removing coarse soil and cleaning upholstery, this Miele vacuum cleaner excelled with good to excellent values. In the ‘Dust retention’ category, the Blizzard was the only entrant to achieve a ‘Very good’. This model is characterised by a 700 W EcoLine motor and a particularly streamlined EcoTeQ Plus floorhead. Thanks to particularly high air throughput and air flow speeds of over 100 km/h, coarse and fine soil streams are effectively separated from each other. In a third stage of filtration, the Blizzard CX1 also features a maintenance-free HEPA AirClean lifetime filter which retains even the smallest of particles and allergens.