Samsung C-Lab projects were among the CES 2021 protagonists


Samsung Electronics showcased its C-Lab projects and C-Lab Outside startups at CES 2021: four projects in progress from its in-house venture program C-Lab Inside. Seventeen startups supported by the C-Lab Outside, Samsung’s startup acceleration program, participated in the event as well.
C-Lab Inside, which began in 2012, is an in-house idea incubation program that encourages and nurtures innovative ideas from Samsung employees. This was the sixth consecutive year C-Lab participad in CES. The C-Lab Inside projects of this year focused on personalized products and services catering to diverse lifestyles. Product marketability and customer responses were gauged during the exhibition to enhance and further advance the projects.

The four C-Lab Inside projects are:

EZCal, automated TV picture quality calibration application for cinema-level viewing quality;

Air Pocket, portable oxygen storage device;

Scan&Dive, IoT device & solution for fabric classification and optimal care recommendation;

And Food&Sommelier, a service for finding optimal food & wine pairing.
Created in October 2018, instead, the C-Lab Outside is a startup acceleration program to vitalize the startup ecosystem in South Korea. Local startup incubation programs by Daegu Center and Gyeong-buk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation are also run as part of C-Lab Outside.
Startups enrolled in the C-Lab Outside programs are provided with office workspace, expert mentoring by Samsung employees, opportunities to participate in global IT exhibitions, investor relations and financial support.
During CES 2021, seventeen startups incubated in the past year participated.
The innovations exhibited by the companies include:

AI-based personal information anonymization by Deeping Source,

Real-life avatar creation through 3D scanning and VR/AR content creation solution by Flux Planet,

Growth management device for children by Magpie Tech,

Fashion design creation using image AI by Designovel.