Tefal awarded for its eco-designed e-commerce pack


A special price has been assigned to Tefal, which received the Audencia Business School students’ choice award during the 3rd “Grand Prix RSM” (Brand Social Responsibility Grand Prize). This award, organized by Produrable and LinkUp Factory, with the support of M6 Publicité, was assigned to Tefal for its eco-designed e-commerce pack. The prize goal is to recognize brands that have integrated CSR into their marketing model in terms of contribution to environmental protection, circular economy, health, and society in general.
Tefal, that had already received the B-to-C Product award for its initiatives around recycled aluminum during the 2019 edition, has now created an eco-designed e-commerce pack. To avoid over-packaging, Tefal produces its e-commerce packaging directly at its production site. This turnkey solution with no plastic or expanded polystyrene protects both the product and the environment. This approach is a reflection of Groupe SEB’s commitment to eliminate plastic/PSE from inner packaging and use recycled and recyclable cardboard by 2023.