The new WT1 washer-dryers by Miele arrive to some markets


This month Miele starts the sales of the new digital series of WT1 washer-dryers, characterised by smart functions and flexibility. During October, the products will be available in some markets.
The new washer-dryers offer increased load capacity, starting at eight kilograms for wash programmes and five kilograms for combined wash and drying programmes. For larger volumes of laundry, the WT1 is available in a version that is five centimetres deeper and can handle nine kilograms (washing) and six kilograms (drying), making it ideal for families.
With the addition of practical features to the WT1 washer-dryer series Miele makes washing and drying in the smallest of spaces even more convenient, allowing even small loads to be washed and dried quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner.
«With this appliance, Miele is responding to the wishes of many customers for as much capacity as possible also in washer-dryers» – explains Yvonne Kiel, Product Manager Washing at Miele.
By contrast, there is now a function which also enables individual items to be washed and dried efficiently. Combined with the “Shirts”, “Delicates” or “Minimum iron” programmes, the garment is ready to wear again in less than an hour – and there’s no need to wait until having a pile of laundry or to feel guilty about the environmental impact.
To find out when the garment is done, it is simply necessary to take a look at the Miele app or ask Amazon Alexa. All new washer-dryers are now network-enabled as standard.
CareAssistant enables the Anti-crease settings to be extended.
Moreover, the HygieneAssistant notifies the user when machine cleaning is recommended. If they wish, users can start the cleaning programme straight away directly from the app.
Finally, the new models also come equipped with proven features such as the quick and eco-friendly PowerWash technique along with the QuickPower Wash&Dry programme, which enables four kilograms of laundry to be washed and dried in under three hours. There is also the convenient TwinDos automatic dispensing function which uses up to 30 per cent less detergent than manual dispensing.