Deep cleaning, design and ease of use for the new Electrolux vacuum cleaners

Pure F9 Allergy Plus vacuum cleaner by Electrolux

Electrolux has launched three new vacuum cleaners designed for a deep cleaning of any surface. PURE F9 Allergy Plus is the ideal model for people with allergy problems. It is the first rechargeable vacuum cleaner with bag on the market, equipped with the exclusive washable E12 dust bag that minimizes contact with mites and purifies the outgoing air in two phases, eliminating 99.95% of the micro dust particles. PURE Q9, instead, is the super silent, powerful and ultra-light rechargeable vacuum cleaner, awarded with the iF Product Design Award 2020 for its anodized aluminum structure and the elegant design: the integrated manual unit, easy to remove from the main structure thanks to the magnetic attachment, allows to clean the most delicate surfaces quickly and easily and also to reach the high corners of the ceilings.

Electrolux Pure Q9
Electrolux D8.2 Green

Among the Electrolux news for cleaning there is also the PURE D8.2 range, that includes three models all made of recycled materials. The exclusive design of these vacuum cleaners with silent bags simplifies every movement thanks to the Motion Control system and the XL rubber wheels that improve and facilitate the product handling, without the need to effortlessly pull the vacuum cleaner; in addition, the handle located in the center facilitates the transport, ensuring weight balance and avoiding unnecessary efforts. Winner of the iF Design Awards 2020, PURE D8.2 combines silence with the harmony of a design attentive to each line.