Italian Design, craftsmen 4.0


This is how the company, with headquarter in Veneto, defines itself, being founded by a group of entrepreneurs and managers who have shared their experience in the field of Built-in appliances. Craft tradition and ability to innovate merge themselves in a reality that focuses on the Made-in-Italy quality

A young company but with a solid know-how in the field of cooking and strongly rooted in the territory in which it operates, the Triveneto (a group of regions in the North-East of Italy). Italian Design was born in June 2017 on the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs and managers with experience in the Built-in appliance sector. The company’s offer ranges from vertical to horizontal cooking, from induction to gas: the technological competences are combined with the refinement of design, an expression of the typical quality of Italian productions. «The project – explains Carlo Cesca, Managing Director and co-founder of Italian Design – was born with the idea of producing cooking technology, integrating design and innovation with the quality and attention to aesthetics and details typical of Made-in-Italy.» The company’s products are made entirely in Italy, in the Alta Marca of Treviso, among the hills of Prosecco Superiore which have recently become UNESCO heritage site. The combination of technology, aesthetic sensibility and Italian culture distinguishes Italian Design appliances, which combine craftsmanship and propensity for innovation. «The spirit of the company – Cesca affirms – could be enclosed in the expression Artigiani 4.0 (Artisans 4.0), with its roots firmly planted in the production system of the household appliance and furniture district of the Quartier del Piave/Conegliano and the gaze projected towards innovation and global markets.» As regards the latter, exports have an increasingly significant weight on the company’s turnover: «in addition to the Italian market, which was the starting point – Cesca explains -, our export activities are worth about 60% of the total revenue. The Middle East area is the region where we are concentrated the most, but we are seeing good developments also in Northern Europe and Central and South America.»
The company is growing, with the aim of becoming a point of reference in the field of cooking appliances, offering solutions even beyond the standard. «We are a young company, starting from me who is responsible for it – Cesca declares -; we are growing and learning. However, we know where we want to go: our goal is to be one of the references for induction hobs and other special Built-in appliances, with ovens and hobs even outside the standards, able to solve the kitchen design problems, in a logic of attention to the concrete needs of those who design and those who use. Concreteness means realizing what is necessary to satisfy needs and improve people’s real life. The best communication for us is, and will also be in the future, the satisfaction of our customers.»

Innovative and customized products

Carlo Cesca, Managing Director and co-founder of Italian Design

The Italian Design offer focuses in particular on the latest generation vitroceramic induction hobs and two dimensional “specialties”: ovens and hobs of 45 and 90 cm. «Recently – Cesca adds – our product range has expanded with 60 cm ovens and gas hobs (in steel and glass) available in different types. Our production is developed both with our LaCottura brand and with third party brands based on OEM specifications for customers.» Italian Design aims to distinguish itself thanks to the performance of its appliances and the ability to create customized solutions, without ever forgetting the functionality of the appliances, a key theme for the effective usability of the products by end users.
«We try to create innovative products with high cooking performance, which can offer customers different functions and solutions compared to those of the Majors – Cesca explains -. All this combined with a customer friendly approach not only in reference to the product, but also as regards the relationship with the customer. We like simplicity.» Regarding the ability to create customized products, the Italian Design Managing Director comments that this is one of the company’s plus. «One of our strengths – Cesca says – is to be a young and flexible company, also given the small size of the society. We can customize our products by responding at 100% to customer needs, also maintaining the minimum order lots low and therefore the customer’s investment and stocks.»
Technology plays a key role in meeting customer needs, with innovative solutions designed to offer advanced functions, excellent cooking results and ease of management and cleaning of the appliances.
«I can mention – Cesca continues – two products that explain what innovation means to us: the first is an induction hob characterized by a patented system with double suction and a mode to open the appliance allowing cleaning and a hygiene level significantly better than most products on the market. The second is a 90 cm gas oven with fully electronic management, which will go alongside the standard model already in production. This innovation allows technical variants among the most advanced on the market, which makes us able to offer a full touch gas oven. In it the electronic gas management allows to obtain a very high safety level, higher than the classic analogical thermostat.»
As already mentioned, in addition to technological innovation, design is also an essential aspect in the products of the company from Veneto that manages to combine advanced technologies with a refined style, the result of the expertise of internal designers and collaborations with designers external to the company. «As a starting point – Cesca explains – the design of our products is carried out by designers within the company; for the perfecting of details or for some particular needs (for example for OEM products) we avail ourselves of the collaboration of some expert product designers.»
The aspect of design is not only important for the aesthetic characteristics of the appliances, but also for the functional and dimensional factors in order to make it easy, for example, to replace more traditional hobs with latest generation appliances, such as induction models that are generating an increasing interest by consumers. «Our induction hobs can easily take the place of previously installed gas appliances – Cesca declares -. Our entire induction range with a 480 mm built-in depth is in fact designed to be able to replace the old existing gas hobs, both in steel and glass, without having to readjust the built-in holes.»

Suction hob characterized by double suction and a special opening system that makes cleaning simple

A network of skills

Among the new proposals of Italian Design there is the 90 cm gas oven with fully electronic management

Another aspect that strongly affects the quality of the products offered by Italian Design is the choice to work with components suppliers that are not mere suppliers but real partners with whom to establish a collaborative relationship. «Given that we prefer to use Italian, German or anyway European components – Cesca declares – the selection of suppliers is one of the primary processes that leads to the creation of quality products. We look for suppliers who can be partners, who help the product development process by working in collaboration with our technical office. A healthy and proactive relationship with suppliers is fundamental for a company of our size, which needs to network with the best local companies and to share know-how.» The external skills are flanked by those of the internal workforce, so that an important baggage of experience can be exploited. 
«Fortunately for us – the Managing Director says – we can count on a workforce with a strong knowledge of the Built-in world, deriving from the experience of Nardi Elettrodomestici, a reality that for years has been one of the most important in the area, and other large companies born and raised in the Triveneto, which have written the history of home appliances in the world. People in our production staff all boast more than ten years of experience in the household appliance industry and in particular in the Built-in one. And speaking of this type of furnishing, half of Italian kitchen furniture is historically produced in the province of Treviso (and in the neighboring Pordenone). This is also an important element for us to enrich our skills.»

Made-in-Italy is not a storytelling
For Italian Design, Made-in-Italy is the fundamental element from which the project of the company itself was born. It does not concern only the origin of the products, but also the company's focus on quality and service. As Carlo Cesca points out, «Made-in-Italy cannot be an "umbrella" under which to place "normal” products, but it should be a true sign of innovation, diversity and functionality. As Italians we like to solve real problems and look for the right solutions, with ingenuity and inventiveness, leaving aside the storytelling and the adornments typical of marketing that create needs. The slogan of a large company of these zones, "facts and not words", is also a bit ours one.»