Groupe SEB in the Ethibel Sustainability Index since 2007


This year too Groupe SEB reconfirms its registration in the “Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe”.
Created in 1992, Forum Ethibel is an independent consultancy association whose objective is to promote socially responsible investment in Europe. Since 2007, Groupe SEB has been listed in its “ESI Excellence Europe” register, which includes 200 actions by European companies with the best results in terms of social, societal and environmental responsibility.   This register is available to investors who wish to set up sustainable investment funds. Each company listed in the register is regularly subjected to an in-depth analysis, following which Forum Ethibel provides it with a rating.
“Even by the deep-seated values handed down to us by our founders – the Group declares describing its values – we strive to respect a company philosophy founded on a sense of responsibility, solidarity and commitment. Our Group strategy is based on five powerful values: entrepreneurial drive, a passion for innovation, professionalism, Group spirit and respect for people.
Humanists from the start, we have made listening and respect for people our priorities. To foster our employees’ sense of fulfillment, we make commitments over the long-term, both with our staff (through training, career support, recognition, upskilling and personal enrichment) and our external partners. For us, respect for people encompasses social responsibility in-house as much as societal responsibility regarding the company’s environment.”