Chef Claudio Sadler chooses Tecnoinox to renew its kitchen

Claudio Sadler, starred chef, has renewed its Chic’n’Quick kitchen with Tecnoinox appliances

Tecnoinox, Italian company of professional cooking appliances, founded in 1984, has been chosen by Claudio Sadler, starred chef with long experience, to renew its Chic’n’Quick kitchen in Milan.
«I expressed my need for reliable, performing, robust cooking tools – the chef explains its choice -. I wanted a new kitchen for me and my team, which was built to support us in the efficient organization of the work spaces and which had superior functionality, to support experimentation and perfect cooking. I explained that I needed efficient cooking equipment, limiting the overheating of the environment and the waste of energy, and also performant and precise tools. At Tecnoinox they listened to me and we discussed the project together in detail. I also had the opportunity to visit the company’s factories and I appreciated the meticulous care at work, the pleasure of well-made things that we have in common. In addition, I appreciated the highly technological orientation, with robots and laser machines and the functional organization, according to the principles of lean manufacturing.»
Chef Sadler chose some cooking appliances of the Tecno74 and Tecno90 lines, which offer power and intelligent use of space. In particular, the Chef wanted to focus on induction hobs, for performance and energy savings, as well as to keep the kitchen healthy and temperate. He then wanted to insert a salamander and 2 Tecnocombi Digital Combined 6-tray ovens with probe and automatic washing, provided to offer power, reliability and flexibility.