Bertazzoni is ready for the new phase and opens the production after the lockdown

Paolo Bertazzoni, CEO of Bertazzoni

After the forced stop due to the lockdown, Bertazzoni restarts with the 100% of the production of its cooking appliances, symbol of made-in-Italy. The company is in fact an excellence of the Italian manufacturing, with a plant in Guastalla (Reggio Emilia), the company’s historic headquarters for almost 140 years. Building on the experience gained over centuries of history, Bertazzoni opens this new chapter with an official video to remember the values that have always distinguished the brand in the world and its roots strongly connected to the territory. With the tenacity typical of the six generations of the Bertazzoni family, now more than ever the company confirms its mission: to make people’s lives better by bringing excellent appliances to their homes.
«Ffamily, engineering and territory have always been the pillars of the brand. These are the values of made-in-Italy that are found in all our products and which we have the privilege of bringing to over 60 countries around the world – says Paolo Bertazzoni, CEO of the company and representative of the fifth generation of Bertazzoni. – In almost 140 years of history we have faced other complicated moments, always overcome with the strength of our values that represent us even at this moment.»
The video is live from today, published and disseminated through the company’s communication platforms and distributed to partners, stakeholders, customers, also through the brand’s Facebook and Instagram social channels. Global communication that also reaches the countries where the brand exports.
We are strongly linked to our territory and we interface with different countries in the world, from which we have received solidarity, closeness and full support for made-in-Italy. We started out projected towards the new challenges dictated by a changing international market, aware that the restart will be tiring and gradual. I am convinced that, with the right entrepreneurial spirit and the right innovations, our sector will be among the protagonists of this new era.» – Paolo Bertazzoni concludes.