Accenture: “No just a (re) opening: a new beginning”


Now that part of the commercial and industrial activities are re-openings, we realize that is not a true coming back to the normality, because the world has changed in the latest two months.
As Accenture says, it is not a re-opening but a new beginning.
“Reopening – the company explains – requires more than a return to normal, however, because the unpredictable and long-lasting period that follows this pandemic will feature fundamental changes to economic activity, fast-changing cultural norms, societal values and behaviours. To reopen and to outmanoeuvre uncertainty also requires a program of reinvention.”
The easing of restrictions is no guarantee of a quick return to normal. As Accenture explains, there are a range of potential scenarios based on the evolution of the virus itself and the nature of the social response, as shown in the chart.

But what markets experts want to underline now is that every company must takes this moment as an opportunity.
“This presents an opportunity—and a need—for many companies – Accenture goes on – to build the competences they wish they’d invested in before: to be more digital, data-driven, and in the cloud; to have more variable cost structures, agile operations and automation; to create stronger capabilities in e-commerce and security. This agility will be core to the long-term capabilities they build. Leaders should consider the steps they take to reopen as the first in a long journey of wider transformation.”
Among the advice the company gives to entrepreneurs, some are very interesting. The first is to create a new system that can be easily reversible, because we do not now the potential future scenarios. So flexibility and versatility must become the normality.
“Given the range of potential scenarios – Accenture underlines – companies will need to be prepared to change course at lightning speed. Any steps that are taken to reopen should therefore be easily reversible and scalable. Then, companies will have to provide a safe and secure work environment, communicating with their workforce transparently to build trust.”
But, above all, a very precious advice that Accenture wants to give company is that they “should not reopen by reverting to old ways. The reopening is an opportunity to create a better future for employees and customers.”