Premium FrostWash by Hitachi, the air conditioner without maintenance


After a long research and development activities, the Hitachi Cooling & Heating laboratories have succeeded in create an innovative technology that maintains the air conditioner clean, purifying the home air at the same time.
Premium FrostWash, the model equipped with this new technology, features the heat pump and is in A +++ energy class, ensuring a reduction of consumptions and a low environmental impact.
The most important innovation of this product is its ability in maintaining its parts and components very clean so that the emitted air is also very pure.
The FrostWash function, in fact, captures, freezes, washes and eliminates 91% of bacteria and 87% of mold present on the surface of the exchanger, to guarantee perfect hygiene of the air conditioner and a healthy environment. The function is automatically programmed but can also be activated by remote control. In this way, the air conditioning is always clean, also thanks to the internal components made of stainless steel, a material that reduces the percentage of bacteria by over 99% and dust by 62%. Moreover, the self-cleaning robot activates itself periodically, not requiring the opening of the air conditioner to clean the filters, so that classic maintenance is not necessary.
Premium FrostWash, that also received the Good Design Award by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, is available in two versions: matt white and silver.