The Zero Carbon 2030 project of LG


LG Electronics goes on producing eco-friendly appliances and, as the company specify, “that help consumers live better more responsibly”.
Many of the brand’s innovative products have earned the Carbon Trust Footprint Label and Water Footprint Certification, demonstrating LG’s commitment and dedication to creating products that have low environmental impact.
A product’s carbon or water footprint is the total sum of the greenhouse gas emissions produced or the water used throughout a product’s lifecycle, including production, distribution and use. 
Among the green appliances launched by LG, we can find some clothing care solutions with highly effective Dual Inverter Heat Pump equipped with Eco Hybrid dryers that have earned Carbon Footprint Certification, while the LG Styler garment management system with its ability to refresh wardrobe using natural steam and no harmful chemicals has received Water Footprint Certification from Carbon Trust.
Many of LG’s PuriCare air purifiers and the CordZero A9 vacuum cleaner carry the Carbon Trust Footprint Label, while the advanced LG QuadWash™ Steam dishwashers that deliver spotlessly clean dishes and cutlery also come with Carbon Trust Certification.
Along with offering a wide range of products certified by trusted global bodies, LG is now committed in the Zero Carbon 2030 project to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from all of its operations by the start of next decade.