#Hygiene and #Simplystayhome according to Candy


Candy launches two campaigns on its website and with an editorial plan on social networks to explain the importance of household appliances for hygiene. The company also gives advices to better spend free time at home with examples and suggestions.
“Candy’s mission – they say from the company – has always been to make the days of its customers simpler, thanks to effective, smart and accessible solutions. An even more important and crucial mission in these days characterized by the Covid-19 emergency, which forces people at home with a considerable amount of time to spend and with a greater need to use appliances, starting with the need to wash, sanitize and often sanitize clothing, dishes and kitchen utensils. The home now, like never before, is the environment in which people’s lives take place: work, leisure, family. For this Candy wanted to demonstrate its closeness to consumers and attention to their needs by inspiring people with ideas and suggestions both from the point of view of hygiene and in the everyday lifestyle: staying at home in the best possible way , discovering the best products and solutions offered by Candy and, for those who already have them, make the best use of them.” This is why, Candy has launched the #Hygiene and #SimplyStayHome campaigns on its website and on its social networks, designed to illustrate and enhance the equipment and sanitizing capacity of its products to make sure that everyone can use them to the best while remaining safe at home.
Among the brand products that can help people in this special time, the company signals: Rapido’ washer and dryer, having a 59-minute Hygiene 60 ° program and the anti-allergy program; Brava dishwasher – with its Anti-bacterial filter and the 75-sanitizing program; the Smart Steam oven – with the pyrolysis system and the steam Acquactiva function .
Hygiene and SimplyStayHome – which provide updated pages on the candy.it website, advertising banners on Amazon and a constant activity on Candy’s social networks with a daily editorial plan – tell in an intuitive and simple way how to best use appliances in addition to suggest how best to spend the period at home with everybody’s family.