Electrolux: 23% of the total products sold in 2019 were the most energy and water-efficient ones


Electrolux has released its 2019 Sustainability Report (www.electroluxgroup.com/sustainabilityreports/2019), where the company reports the most important actions undertook and results obtained in this important area. Last year, the Group reached a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions from its operations since 2005. To reflect Electrolux new commitment to become climate neutral across the supply chain by 2050, and its increasingly holistic approach to sustainability, the overall sustainability framework has also been updated.
The Report also underlines that last year the most energy and water-efficient products accounted for 23% of the total products sold. 
Moreover, at the 2019 UN General’s Climate Action Summit, Electrolux joined a global movement of business leaders working towards limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Through a further UN initiative, Cool Coalition, Electrolux has committed to remove global warming gases from products by 2023 which also ties into the overall framework.
To celebrate the Electrolux centenary in 2019, The Better Living Program (BLP) was launched. This is an action plan to enable better and more sustainable living for consumers around the world through 2030. The BLP is now also fully integrated in the overall sustainability framework.
Other key initiatives and achievements include 20 times more recycled plastic used in products and 44% less energy used per manufactured product.
But sustainability is not only focused on environment. There are other initiatives that show the social responsibility of the Group, starting from the 30,000 children that have learned about sustainable eating through Electrolux Food Foundation’s Food Heroes program.
Moreover, a green bond framework was introduced as a new way to fund Electrolux sustainability initiatives. Proceeds will be used to finance, or refinance projects covered by the environmental areas of the Electrolux sustainability framework, For the Better.