Whirlpool and Bauknecht among the best products for Red Dot Awards 2020

Bauknecht Class 11 Built-In Suite

Some of Whirlpool and Bauknecht products have been named among the best ones of the year at the Red Dot Awards 2020. The winners include the Whirlpool W Collection W9 Black Fiber Built-In Oven and Microwave Oven, the Bauknecht Class 11 Built-In Suite and the Whirlpool W5 Induction Hob and Vertical Hood.
«It is truly an honor to receive prestigious Red Dot Awards for nine of our products, recognizing Whirlpool’s global leadership in design excellence – said Gilles Morel, President of Whirlpool Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Executive Vice President of Whirlpool Corporation. – Meaningful design is ultimately about understanding and anticipating people’s needs and aspirations. At Whirlpool, we truly put our consumers at the heart of everything we do, especially when it comes to product design. Now more than ever, as we all face unprecedented situations, Whirlpool is committed to improving people’s lives at home by creating innovative home appliances of the utmost quality and performance.»

Whirlpool W Collection Black Fiber Suite

Part of Whirlpool’s W Collection Black Fiber Suite of premium appliances, the winning W9 Built-In Oven and Microwave Oven are equipped with the advanced 6TH SENSE technology, allowing the appliances in the suite to sense, monitor and optimize their performance, for improved results and efficiency. With the oven and microwave oven, for example, users can select recipes and control and monitor cooking progress from a smartphone or tablet via Whirlpool’s pioneering 6TH SENSE Live app.
These models have also been designed to please aesthetically, introducing new colors, finishes and materials to suit modern, multipurpose spaces. The design blends seamlessly with modern styles and presents a fusion of minimalistic, black stainless steel with a warm texture that is inspired by nature. Black glass surfaces reflect the environment – a polished look that is appealingly contrasted by matte black fiber cladding.
The winning products of the Bauknecht Class 11 Built-In Suite, instead, include the Oven, Microwave Oven, Steam Oven, Platewarmer and Sous Vide Vacuum Drawer. The aesthetic of Bauknecht’s built-in suite – carefully designed to enhance user interaction for excellent results – reflects trends in contemporary living and modern style inspired by geometric kitchen design. Every detail comes from the careful combination of aesthetic refinement and functionality, such as dark glass facades and fully integrated handles, which provide a flush installation into the kitchen cabinetry.

Whirlpool W5 Induction hob vertical hood

Finally, the winning Whirlpool W5 Induction Hob and Vertical Hood are designed to make the most out of time spent in the kitchen. The hood and induction hob are synchronized with each other, allowing the hood to adjust itself according to the intensity of the induction cooktop. When the cooktop is turned off, the hood slowly reduces its aspiration power to zero. The automatic operation of hood adjustment seamlessly anticipates user needs to reduce the effort of cooking and enhance the kitchen environment. The elegantly designed hood has an easy-to-clean full glass, rear-painted, vertical surface. The induction hob heating zones are highlighted with a dual-colored graphic coherent with Whirlpool brand language.