Groupe SEB awarded for “Sustainable Food 2030” project


Groupe SEB is a major partner in the “Sustainable Food 2030” project led by Dijon Métropole. Its objective is to demonstrate that moving towards a sustainable food system provides an opportunity to transform a geographic area in environmental, economic, and social terms. In the next ten years, Dijon Métropole wants to become a demonstrator to encourage other national and international cities to adopt this system.
The project obtained an important recognition by the French Prime Minister as part of the Territoire d’Innovation de Grande Ambition (TIGA — Highly Ambitious Innovative Territory) call for projects. It was among the 24 winners announced.
According to Groupe SEB, this initiative provides it with a unique setting to conduct large-scale experiments with new solutions that combine appliances and services. “A unique and innovative tool made up of several thousand users will allow the company to interact with all the stakeholders in the agri-food ecosystem (producers, processors, distributors, etc.).” – they say in a press release.
Among the Groupe actions, there are:
– “Active consumers, health, and territory,” to demonstrate how connected devices can help create sustainable eating habits and to study ways to promote a shift towards healthy and sustainable food.
– “Open Food System,” resulting from a research project the Group conducted between 2013 and 2016. It’s a platform that gives all the players in the ecosystem easy access to structured culinary content to create new product and service offerings around food.
-“Foodle,” the Group’s multi-product application to enrich the user experience with its products and make it easier to create homemade dishes by ‘experimenting’ with new products, services, and business models in conjunction with other stakeholders in the ecosystem (distribution, out-of-home consumption, etc.).