EQ, the new range of fully automatic coffee machines by Siemens


Siemens has recently presented the new range of EQ fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines. The models of this collection are intuitive appliances with a refined design, elegant display panels and optimal usability. From the entry-level EQ.3 compact models to the fine-tuned, interactive EQ.9, all these Siemens machines are developed in order to create carefree pleasurable moments. The bean-to-cup coffee machine EQ.9 features the autoMilk Clean that takes care of daily cleaning and baristaMode that provides fine aromas. The dualBean and the sensoFlow systems turn high-quality coffee beans into espresso or cappuccino. The dualBean System has two separate bean containers and grinders, so that the two sets of beans will never come in contact with each other – guaranteeing true flexibility and convenience over coffee. Thanks to Home Connect EQ.9 can be controlled with any smart device and enter to the the coffeeWorld, the tech that offers an additional variety of international coffee specialities on the machine. The coffeePlaylist, moreover, puts multiple beverages into a list and prepares them one after another.