Groupe SEB launches a crowdfunding campaign for “Just My Mug”


“Just My Mug” is an innovative product, on developing phase by Groupe SEB. It allows users to heat the contents of a cup (tea, milk, etc.) using an induction plate and a heat conducting plunger connected to the base via Bluetooth. The advantages fulfill consumer demands perfectly: energy and water savings, convenience, design, etc.
To develop this new appliances, the Group launched a crowdfunding campaign.
Groupe SEB is the first French industrial group to use this system, of pre-selling products/concepts manufactured in limited quantities to test the appetite of consumers before potentially proceeding with a more widespread sales launch. The company is launching its first crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. The products concerned fulfill the following criteria: new segment, niche market…
According to the Group, this new participatory approach, which complements its “standard” innovation processes, allows to reach consumers worldwide more directly and encourage their support, collect their comments and rapidly obtain validation of the innovation.
Firstly, a pre-campaign will be launched via a website and social networks to inform as many people as possible about the launch of the campaign on Indiegogo. The first 200 contributors will be able to pre-purchase the product at a preferential price.
«Our aim with this first crowdfunding campaign – said Jean-Louis Compeau, SEBLab Manager – is straightforward. We want to be able to fulfill the expectations of our consumers more successfully and more rapidly by offering them access to our innovations as soon as possible and allowing them to test and respond to these innovations so that we can adjust them as necessary. To achieve this, we need to be in direct contact with our consumers and work in a flexible way so that we can listen to their comments and respond to their needs.»