Siemens Home Appliances presented its Home Connect philosophy in Dubai


A great event saw Siemens Home Appliances protagonist in Dubai, where the company organized a meeting where the future and potential of smart home were discussed.
During the event, called “Future Talks”, Siemens presented its Home Connect technology with a spectacular activation that lit up the entirety of Burj Khalifa.
Tomas Alonso Garcia-Salmones, CEO of BSH Home Appliances, underlined the intention to bring the new home technologies to the United Arab Emirates. Among the Siemens solutions for the future, some very interesting were presented, such as a coffee machine making coffee without the need to walk to the kitchen or a dishwasher that informs the user when the powder is running low.
Thanks to Home Connect and Siemens partners, users can start controlling their appliances just with their voice. All consumers have to do is connect their smart speaker to Siemens home appliances via Home Connect, and they can start asking their oven “When will my dinner be ready?” or asking coffee machine to “Prepare a cappuccino.
The Siemens Future Talks event was attended by important personalities, as the CEO of Du Telecoms Osman Sultan and Ozgur Demirtas, Founding Chairman of the Center of Excellence in Finance.