Samsung presented the latest air conditioning trends


Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe B.V. (SEACE) hosted the Climate Solutions Days in Munich, the second pan-European annual event dedicated to air conditioning. With the presentation of new trends in the air conditioning and heating sector, the awarding of the most cutting-edge installation projects and in-depth technical sessions on the latest innovations by Samsung, the event saw the participation of 180 Samsung customers and leaders from nearly 30 countries. Wim Vangeenberghe, president of SEACE who recently assumed the role of Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Global HVAC Solution Business, analyzed the latest trends in the sector, that go from the investments in research and development to find better solutions; the development of intelligent controls and the IoT and heat pumps, which Wim confirmed to be the key element for air conditioning solutions in the future. During the Climate Solutions Days the main innovations of Samsung were presented, such as Water Solution, a technology that makes it possible to lower the Global Warming Potential (GWP) index of the entire climate system, thanks to a project based on heat recovery that optimizes energy consumption; expansion of the 2019 product range with R32 refrigerant gas for residential and commercial applications, including WindFreeTM and the 360 ​​Cassette; Samsung b.IoT (building Internet of Things), a Building Management System that improves the energy performance and comfort of buildings based on intelligent algorithms.