Trabo will represent Italian design in Frankfurt at the Ambiente Fair

Trabo will be present at the Ambiente Fair, Messe Frankfurt, from 8 to 12 February 2019, Hall 12.0 Booth E 09.

Trabo will exhibit the “refinement” of Italian design that comes from the heart, as evidenced by the claim of the company “Made with Love” (copyright all reserved by Federica Zoe ‘Castiglioni).
An appealing, basic & elegant booth has been created by the inexhaustible creativity of the Architect Federica Zoe ‘Castiglioni: Art Director, designer, stylist and haed for the company communication at 360°.  The booth perfectly responds to the corporate image identity of the company, the designer loves taking care of every detail, she has a spasmodic care of it, almost “manical” and she herself says: « details make the difference and are fundamental. I come from the fashion and of furnishing Houses and the care and refinement, the colors and the geometries etc … they cannot be left to chance!».

It will be possible to see the flagships of the Trabo House, also told by explanatory videos shown  on two screens, that will presnt the birth and characteristics of products with exquisitely Italian design. «At Ambiente – the architect Federica Zoe’ Castiglioni tells – we will bring our most beloved design creations and new entries of 2019! We will present our ICON, the Toast toaster, Gae Aulenti design, which has reached twenty-two years of history and is exhibited, and now also on sale, at MoMa in New York.»
On display, there will also be other objects that have made the history of Trabo, such as Clock, which was created and designed by the designer, inspired by the sound of a country bell tower, in the heart of a summer night, in her loved Lierna on the Lecco Lake. The clock dial shows the four cardinal points – north, south, west, east – which recall the main hours of the day – three, six, nine and twelve and also the 4 Cartesian axes.

This design object deliberately recalls the tautological concept of Toast in the following period, to underline a link between past, present and future.
At the German Fair it will also be possible to admire the Block toaster (Piero Russi design), Alice and I Piatti, two digital scales, Spalvieri and Del Ciotto design, two young designers who worked for Trabo.
«All these objects – Toast, Block, Clock, I Piatti and Alice – and others – Federica Zoe’ Castiglioni explains – were exposed to a beautiful exhibition held at the Milan Triennale, for which Italo Lupi was the artdirector. »
The history of the company and its inseparable link with design will so be traced. Trabo is in fact only the most recent creative expression of the Castiglioni family, in which internationally renowned designers and architects have succeeded such as Livio, Piergiacomo , Achille and now Federica Zoe ‘, who collects the family heritage and says: «a very hard mission, but I devote myself with solu, heart and brain!»
Design will also emanate in the appealing style of the booth, which wanted to recreate, with its usual elegance, the basic and concise effect of the company communication, always curated by Federica Zoe ‘Castiglioni, to reach the public in the most intuitive way possible.
«Simplicity – she says – increases the value and is essence not appearance, fundamental today in a very massified universe. We want to distinguish, today the wealth of a company is its quality.»
Among the various lines, great emphasis will be given to the My Microwave (made-in- Italy and made-in-Europe), to Naturcook, which is part of the My Cooking line (100% made-in- Italy & handmade ) and to the latest news, such as inductiondisk , always part of the My Cooking line (brand name and packaging by Federica Zoe’ Castiglioni), universal adapters for induction hobs, among which Trabo has inserted the latest 16 and 12 cm in diameter formats, the latter perfect for the coffee maker and for milk kettle.

«These are 100% made-in- Italy innovative products – explains Federica Zoe ‘Castiglioni – created by a Lombard company for us, with exclusive molds with a very cared design, which reproduces the company graphics. The Trabo brand is also on the disc.»
“Explaining” the products is very important for Trabo , which during Ambiente fair will also propose a video entirely dedicated to Naturcook, of which we will follow the history from the birth at the factory. Federica Zoe’ Castiglioni followed the video artistic director and the stylist, together with a team of young directors. Naturcook  is a very popular product in Germany, in Italy and in other European and non-European countries together with Naturpala, the accessory made to insert the pizza on the refractory baking pan, proposed with the cookbook curated by Federica Zoe’, which is inside the Pack.
«The refractory pan without chemicals, composed of natural clays only – explains Federica Zoe’ – make it a wonderful pizza, and make it possible to prepare other foods such as fish, focaccia vegetables skewers etc …it boasts a craft history and an exclusive mold has been created only for Trabo, which brand is on the product base.  Naturpala is made according to the strictest food standards, 100% made-in Italy and has its brand clearly visible on the handle.»
Trabo exhibits at Ambiente (Hall 12, booth E09) at Messe Frankfurt, an opportunity of great visibility to consolidate and increase the brand awareness at international level and act as ambassador of Made-in- Italy design.