USA: mobile shopping and payment are growing


According with the results of a survey by GfK FutureBuy, in the US market three-quarters of Gen Y (ages 29 to 38) consumers use smartphone for shopping. Gens Y and Z (ages 19 to 28) are also much more likely to see the benefits of mobile payments – despite concerns about information security, while Baby Boomers (ages 54 to 72) are much more likely to use a home PC or laptop. In addition, Generations Y and Z in the US are more likely to see the benefits of mobile payment systems. Among the most frequent concerns about using mobile tools for shopping and payments, cyber security remains the biggest one: consumers are still fearing that their personal information could be compromised when making mobile payments; on average, 6 in 10 US shoppers report this concern.

US mobile payments attitudes

Avg. Gen Z Gen Y Gen X Boomers
Prefer to pay with mobile device 30% 49% 48% 28% 11%
Mobile payments easier than other methods 37% 56% 58% 37% 17%
Mobile payments faster than other methods 40% 58% 58% 44% 18%
Mobile payments more efficient than other methods 38% 55% 57% 39% 17%
Concerned re security of personal info w/ mobile payments 59% 57% 59% 60% 61%