Dyson wins about energy labels

James Dyson
After five years, Dyson has won its legal battle with the European courts over energy labelling of vacuum cleaners. In 2013, the British company explained to the European Commission its point of view about efficiency test, saying that they do not reflect conditions as close as possible to real-life use.
«True efficiency – James Dyson stated – is about more than a good energy rating. To be truly efficient, a vacuum should also maintain high performance, produce no extra waste, and pass no hidden costs onto the user across its lifetime.»
For this reason Dyson, expressed the EU its conviction that vacuum cleaners must be tested in real-world conditions and after some time of their use, because all the appliance components, as bags and filters, if are not high-quality ones, can provoke a quick loss of suction even in a A-rated machine.
The UK firm’s argument was dismissed in 2015, but Dyson appealed in 2016 and last year the European Court of Justice upheld that appeal in part. The case was then sent back to the General Court for a new assessment and on Thursday, Dyson’s argument was upheld.
«This is welcome news – they said from the company – and a win for consumers across Europe. We have beenarguing consistently that the Commission committed two legal violations to the detriment of European consumers and Dyson.»