Good result for Miele in the Stiftung Warentest test


In the current vacuum cleaner test by Stiftung Warentest (StiWa), the Complete C3 Red EcoLine from Miele obtained a very good result. The test covered 20 vacuum cleaners with a maximum rated load of 800 W; eleven of these featured a dust bag. Among these, Miele was test winner with an overall mark of 1.9 (test 6/2018).
Although power draw on the Miele model is only 550 W, product testers confirmed that suction performance ‘was good to very good on carpets and hard flooring’. They also noted that Miele product is ‘very quiet on carpeting’. Product handling was also awarded a ‘Good’, along with ‘Suction performance’ and other aspects of importance to users such as the replacement of dust bags and filters as well as carrying and storing the appliance.
«The outcome shows that Miele is seamlessly continuing its success story at StiWa thanks to even more efficient machines» – says Jan-Bernd Rapp, chief product manager at Miele’s German sales subsidiary.
Among models with bags, with respect to environmental properties Miele obtained a mark of 1.1 – thanks above all to its low power consumption (A+ energy efficiency rating), its low sound emissions on carpets and its excellent dust retention capacity. This is partly attributable to the SilenceSystem Plus with its encapsulated motor and sound-optimised floorhead, but is also a result of the interplay between the HyClean dustbag with a useable volume of 3.4 l (largest capacity in test) and the Power Efficiency motor.