Philips invites people to treasure their health


It was Philips’ slogan during the World Heart Day last 29th September and is the heart of the company message to consumers to whom the brand suggests to take control of their own health
preparing homemade food to build a healthy routines for life. To help this task, Philips has created several appliances able to prepare nourishing but tasty meals at home easier, helping everyone to have a balanced and nutritious diet. Among the company’s products, one of the most innovative is
the Airfryer, that uses hot air to quickly and easily cook delicious but healthy food. The brand new Airfryer XXL with fat removal technology extracts fat from food and captures it all in the fat reducer at the bottom of the appliance. But Philips also offers a wide range of juicers, blenders and soup makers to be a fast and easy way to use important ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, in many kind of recipes.