140 years of Neff celebrated with 14 recipes


To celebrate its 140 years of activity Neff, invited Olia Hercules, Ukrainian food anthropologist and cooking enthusiast, to create an inspiring timeline of the most significant social, political and technological changes in Europe over the past 140 years, revealing their influence on iconic food trends and recipes through the decades. Olia Hercules is a specialist in Eastern European cuisine, also thanks to her family history covering Siberia and Azerbaijan, as well as having grown up in Cyprus. She created 14 recipes (one for any decade) where a story is influenced by the food trends of that particular decade. Olia has carefully researched, tested and adapted each recipe, adding her own unique twist, resulting in a feast as diverse as today’s multicultural food landscape. The 14 recipes can be download on: http://cookaholics.neff.co.uk/recipes/.
It was in 1877, when Carl Neff and his partners created the Neff way of cooking, building the brand first models, a coal burning stoves in a small town in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg province. Since then, the company has been focus on innovation year after year, offering nowadays a wide range of home appliances of lasts generation.