Faber at the Science Festival in Genoa

Allan Bay foto©Masiar Pasquali
Faber, Italian company of kitchen hoods, is going to present a special event at the Science Festival in Genoa. The Faber Science Food Academy will dedicate a meeting to the world of rice. Two experts in the field, Allan Bay, journalist and gastronomy critic, and Monica Bergomi, blogger and creator of the blog “The Moon on the Spoon”, will explain how rice arrived in Italy, what are the most popular kind of rice and what are the secrets to enhance its characteristics when cooking with this ingradient. The event will be held on November 3, at Cisterne Palazzo Ducale, Giacomo Matteotti Square. From October 26th to November 5th, during the Festival, Faber will also be present with two branded hobs with hoods respectively in Cisterne Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo della Borsa.