Area 30 – Oranier presents a full range for the kitchen


All what is useful for a perfectly equipped kitchen will be presented at area30 by Oranier that will focus on the cooking with XL ovens, hoods, hobs and much more. Efficient ovens with big capacity will be displayed, allowing visitors to discover their numerous available functions and cooking modes. Clario, Davara, Opal and Alea are instead the four kitchen hoods that Oranier will show at the German exhibition. They are all elegant models, ensuring high performance and style. Easy to use and clean, the four hoods remove cooking odors in the kitchen in an effective way. Regarding hob, the company presents FlexX-Induktion, an induction 60 cm model that offers the users comfort and freedom when cooking. Finally, Oranier will also display its vacuum drawer, a very useful tool, able to preserve food or cook it in bain-marie, maintaining organoleptic properties of the ingredients.