Hoover presents the new vacuum cleaners

Beppe Fumagalli
From the beginning of this month the new European energy label for vacuum cleaners has been introduced officially. So Hoover presented its new range at the latest edition of IFA, where the brand own by the Italian Candy Group displayed many other news.
The new label adds new limits to nominal input power and sound level of vacuum cleaners that Hoover has already applied to models full compliant with the evolution of the legislation. The range presented at IFA 2017, includes 4 models in A++ class and 3 in A+ class.
«We agree very much with the introducing the new energy label that, in our opinion, represents a great value for the end customer! – said Beppe Fumagalli, CEO of Candy Group, owner of Hoover brand is part of. – In particular, the new label, which introduces a limit on electricity consumption and the noise reduction, is bringing significant benefits to the users of our products according to the best environmental and service standards.»