LG Electronics presents HOM-BOT Turbo+



HOM-BOT Turbo+ is the new robotic vacuum cleaner created by LG Electronics. It was recognized by Seoul National University (SNU) Robotics & Intelligent Systems Lab, the robotics program in the nation’s top university, as the most human-like robotic vacuum cleaner in the industry.
By utilizing the convolutional neural network (CNN) technique LG engineers were able to give the robot the ability to distinguish between a human and a dog by analyzing stored image data. The LG robot vacuum’s acuity of perception and judgment improved significantly with the incorporation of LG DeepThinQ™ technology in the latest model. In this way it cannot only recognize obstacles and chart the most efficient course around the home, but it is able to allow for human intervention. For example, when the vacuum comes across a human, it waits for a brief moment to allow the individual time to move out of the way. However, for furniture and other immobile obstructions, the LG robot vacuum knows not to wait and simply goes around and continues cleaning.
«At LG we take tremendous pride in developing not only the best appliances but the smartest appliances as well – said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. – And what we’ve learned in the home is also being applied to our newest robots outside the home, such as our Airport Robot, which will be going into service later this month at Incheon International Airport.»